Early life and Childhood

RageElixir is actually Gary Woo. He was born December 13, 1996.

He was born in the United States and raised there.

He is currently 24 years of age and was born under the sign Sagittarius.

He has a brother, Tim, who uploads videos to YouTube.

Education Details

RageElixir graduated at Washington University.

Professional Career

RageElixir, a YouTube video gamer, posts content that includes video games, music, cooking, and reactions.

He is most well-known for his Minecraft Pocket Edition videos, which are uploaded almost every day.

He also uploaded his first video in mid 2012, but he didn’t start steadily gaining subscribers until a little over a year later.

His followers are called the Rage Nation by him. He and JackFrostMiner also collaborated on Minecraft videos.

He also launched his YouTube channel on August 1, 2012. Some of his most popular videos include “Do Not Play Minecraft Pocket Edition on Friday the 13th at 3 :00 AM!” “! “, ‘WE RETURNED to THE CURSED MINERCRAFT WORLD! ‘I FOUND Granny Horror In Minecraft Pocket Edition’, “Do NOT Play Minecraft Pocket Edition At 3:00 AM (SECRET REPORTING)” and many other.

Gary also has a channel called RagePlays. He uploads videos there every day and also plays Minecraft and other video games.

He also has a channel called Rage, where he posts vlogs and music.

On December 24, 2013, he created his YouTube channel, RagePlays. He has over 438K subscribers.

Similar to his YouTube channel, “Rage” was launched on June 12, 2016. He now has 632K subscribers.

Salary and net worth

He makes a lot of money from his social media work.

RageElixir’s net Worth is estimated at $90,000.

Relationship Status

Woo is very private about his romantic and personal life. He has never been seen with anyone.

Unfortunately, his past dating history is also unknown as he has never spoken about them.

Woo is just making the most out of his career and not wasting his time on young women.

His lucky number 5 is his lucky number. He loves to play Minecraft. Turquoise is his favorite stone. He loves action movies.

Measurements of the body

Gary is charming and attractive. He has maintained a healthy body.

His height and weight are not revealed, but he is average in height and weight, which compliments his body very well.

He is also a charming and charming person. Woo is a black man who has dark brown eyes and black locks.

Social Media

His main YouTube channel, RageElixir has more than 3.42 million subscribers.

His YouTube channel ‘Rage’ has more than 632K subscribers. His ‘RagePlays channel has more than 438K subscribers.

His Instagram account, @rageelixirgram has more than 60.2K followers.

His Twitter account has more than 77.4K followers.


RageElixir, an internet personality from China, is known for his Minecraft Pocket Edition videos. His net worth is $90,000. His lucky number is 5. He is a huge fan of Minecraft.

How to locate generated structures in Minecraft

Although generated structures in Minecraft can be fun to explore and loot they are not always easy to find, it’s a great way to get your hands on valuable loot. Some players simply want to find and explore their Minecraft seeds, while others are more interested in finding them for loot or specific plans.

No matter what reason Minecraft players may have for searching out structures, there is a way to locate them based on their type. If roaming the landscape and looking at the horizon are not options, there is a way to find them. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition users can locate the coordinates of nearby structures using the command console.

Use /locate to find coordinates of nearby structures

The command console in Minecraft can help players solve many issues. Although the command /locate is available on Minecraft: Java Edition as also on Bedrock Edition Pocket Edition and Education Edition, it has a different syntax depending on which platform it is being used on.

The command syntax for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is:

To activate this command in chat console players must enable cheats. This option is available in Bedrock Edition in the world edit menu. It looks like a slider players can toggle on/off. Cheats can also be disabled, so players should remember this.

However, cheats can be enabled so players can use a variety of structures to enter arguments into the command’s syntax. The command requires that players be in the right dimension to search for structures. If a Minecraft player is in an Overworld, the command /locate won’t work if the player attempts to locate a structure in the End or Nether. The command will fail in such cases.

The following commands can be used for detecting nearby structures and having their coordinates displayed to the player using Bedrock Edition’s syntax.

The /locate command for casual Minecraft players is well worth looking into. As mentioned, cheats will result in players losing future achievements.

Minecraft debug stick tutorial

The debug stick in Minecraft is an item that can be used to change the status of blocks. It looks just like any other Minecraft stick. It has the sparkle of an enchanted item.

You can get the debug stick by using certain cheat commands within Minecraft. However, it is only possible if certain conditions are met. The debug stick is one the most under-utilized features in Minecraft.

Are you unsure what the item is? This is not a problem. This guide will show you how to use the Minecraft debug stick.

Minecraft: How to use debug sticks

How to get it

The debug stick can only be obtained by players using in-game commands like /give and /replaceitem. This item can only be obtained in Minecraft Java Edition. The debug stick is not available for survival, hardcore or adventure games.

Only Minecraft players can use the item in worlds with cheats enabled.

To change the state of a block in-game, they can use a “debug stick”. You can do this by hitting the block you want to change using the debug stick. Players can cycle through the block state keys they want to change by doing this. Players can cycle through the block’s state values using the debug stick. This allows them to select and cycle from north, south east, east, up, or downward.

You can also sneak around the block while you’re trying to change it. This allows players to cycle through the state values of blocks in reverse order. If the block they are altering has an interactive component such as a furnace or crafting table, players will need to sneak in-game.


Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 added the debug stick. Minecraft’s developers do not fully support debug sticks, but they are a useful gameplay feature.

This means that all issues arising from the item’s use are marked “Won’t fix” in the game’s issue tracker. This is not the case for issues that are related to the actual object.

How to find treasure in Minecraft

Minecraft treasure can be very valuable. It will have a Heart of the Sea which is required to build a conduit. It will have good loot, and it will fulfill a Bedrock Edition achievement. Treasure maps can make it difficult to find treasure. Here are some tips to help you use them.

Find treasure on a Minecraft map

Two places can players find a Minecraft treasure map: the ocean and the ruins of shipswrecks. Treasure maps will be found in shipwrecks and ocean ruins. They can contain treasure from far or near, but they will always be the nearest treasure in the world.

The treasure map can be used by players just as a regular map. The map can be used by Minecraft treasure hunters who should follow the X direction until they reach the map. This is indicated by the map receiving some color. Players can then reorient the map and move towards the X.

Minecraft uses X to mark the spot. However, it is not exact. Although the X is small, it covers a large area of land. Small islands are often the best places to find treasure, but this is not always true. The X should be as close as possible to the player’s location so they can start digging.

Although there is no way to know the exact location of the chest, it is often under the sand. However, it has been found to be under rocks and underwater. Digging down multiple blocks in a large area is advisable. A shovel and torch are great tools to break up the falling sand.

Although Minecraft players will eventually find the treasures, it can take a while. But it is well worth the wait.

Best horror mods for your Minecraft worlds

Minecraft mods allow gamers to add new content to their games. There are thousands of Minecraft mods available online for download.

The Minecraft mods that add horror to the game are one of the most loved. These mods are intended to make Minecraft scary. These mods can be extremely frightening and not recommended for the faint-hearted.

If you are interested in Minecraft horror mods, here are 5 of the best. Each mod can be downloaded easily for free.

5) Till Zombies Tear Us apart

First, we have “Till Zombies Tear us Apart,” a fairly simple Minecraft mod. This mod aims to improve a few game mechanics such as the speed at which hostile entities like zombies, spiders and piglins can move.

This mod can increase survival difficulty, particularly at night, even though it may not seem like much. This mod emphasizes staying awake. As punishment, players who fall asleep will have their hunger bars completely depleted.

4) The Betweenlands

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The Betweenlands features new dimensions, mobs, and blocks. It is one of the most ambitious Minecraft horror Mods.

The basic idea behind the mod is that players must explore and uncover mysteries in a new dimension. This dimension is not welcoming, so players are likely to encounter strange creatures and other bizarre occurrences.

3) Slender Man

Most people will recognize the name “Slender Man” because it is one of the most popular and widely circulated internet rumors. These rumors describe real-life sightings and descriptions of an evil, mysterious figure called “Slender Man.”

While the existence of the Slender Man in real life is up for debate, this mod allows gamers to incorporate the character into Minecraft. This mod also includes many blocks, including a Slender Spawninger that will, as its name implies, spawn the Slender Man.

2) The Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest is a Minecraft horror mod that has been downloaded over 55 million times in its seven-year history.

This mod adds a variety of terrifying content to Minecraft. It includes a new dimension with new biomes and mobs as well as blocks. Although the mod is over seven years old it’s still being maintained with major updates every few months.

1) The Legend of Herobrine

The Legend of Herobrine mod is last but not least. The legend of Herobrine is a well-known myth that Minecraft gamers will recognize.

The Legend of Herobrine, a Minecraft mod for modern Minecraft versions, is very popular among Minecraft modded servers. It aims to add the Herobrine mob into Minecraft.

The Herobrine mob, which spawns seemingly at random, is both extremely elusive and dangerous. This mob also includes new blocks that can be used for rituals to try to force Herobrine spawn.

These Minecraft horror mods will give you enough chills. However, they are not ranked in any particular order.

Useless items in Minecraft

Players will often collect many items while playing Minecraft. Each item has a different value. There are hundreds of unique items in Minecraft, including blocks, tools, armors and other useful items.

These items can be of little or no value to players. These items can be reused and made into useful resources if the right people are involved.

We’ll show you five ways to recycle the most inutilities items in Minecraft, without having them go to waste.

5) Mushroom blocks

Large mushrooms are an uncommon type of vegetation that is often found in dark forests. They can also be found in very rare mushroom fields. Players can make mushroom blocks by breaking large mushrooms using the Silk Touch enchantment.

Although mushrooms blocks are often used to build, players might not be aware of their hidden purpose. You can also use mushrooms blocks to fuel furnaces. One large mushroom can be mined by players to yield around 20 blocks.

4) Chainmail armor

Chainmail armor can be purchased only by trading or killing mobs. Chainmail armor can be expected to have unique properties due to this fact. Unfortunately, chainmail armor has fewer defense points than iron armor.

Players who have a lot of chainmail armor can decorate them. You can also smelt them in a furnace to make them useful. Chainmail armor, which is iron gear, also produces iron nuggets when it’s melted.

3) Gold armor, tools and weapons

Chainmail armor is also pretty much unusable. To protect themselves against piglins, players can wear gold armor. Iron tier items can also defeat gold weapons and tools.

Gold farms have an overflow of gold armor and swords, so players will always feel the effects. These items are useless because they have low durability points. They can be melted in furnaces to make gold nuggets.

2) Minecart with furnaces

Minecarts with furnaces are often overlooked by Minecrafters. It is useful, just as regular minecarts or minecarts that have chests. To push villager who are in minecarts, players can use furnaces. This allows for transport without the need to use powered minecarts.

1) Rotten flesh

Rotten flesh is one item that can debuff the play. Rotten flesh is not worthless. However, it has many uses. Zombies can be used by players to feed wolves, or they can be traded with villager for emeralds.

Many items in Minecraft may seem illegible, but players have the ability to transform them with their creativity into useful objects.

Best food in Minecraft

Minecraft has many modes that players can choose from depending on their preferences and interests. The Hardcore mode is the most difficult. This mode is only available in Java Edition. This mode is extremely dangerous and players should be very careful.

This mode is very difficult and players will lose the world if they die. To survive in this mode, players must have the best of everything. In any Minecraft game mode, food is vital.

You can use food to replenish your hunger levels and also to reduce the player’s saturation. It is also useful when players need to restore their health, which can be very important in hardcore.

The game will increase the amount of food players eat. This article will highlight the top five food items in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

5) Baked Potatoes

These are potatoes cooked by players and can be eaten during the early stages of their game. They are easy to find in villages, and players can grow them. This makes them an incredible renewable food source.

Baked potatoes can restore six saturation points and five hunger points. This is a great starter food item for Minecraft hardcore mode.

4) Cooked Beef

Cooked beef is another great food option for Hardcore mode. These can be obtained by killing cows or mooshrooms, which will yield up to three beef. Raw consumption will provide a very low level of hunger and saturation, but cooking it will make that meat more palatable.

Cooked beef can replenish eight hunger points and 12.8 saturation points. These animals can be found frequently in the game. Players can easily kill them to get their meat.

3) Porkchops cooked

Cooked porkchops, which are similar to cooked beef can also restore eight hunger points as well as 12.8 saturation points. You can get porkchops by killing hoglins or pigs.

Pigs can drop up to three porkchops, while hoggins can drop between two and four. Looting III can increase the drop rate by up to six or seven players.

2) Golden Apple

The special food item category for Minecraft includes the Golden Apple. This special food item not only restores four hunger and 9.6 saturation points but also provides special effects that last a while. It is one of the most useful food items in Hardcore mode, as players can eat it and recover their health quicker than any other food source.

It provides Absorption I for 2 minutes and Regeneration II (for 5 seconds) to players. This food item can’t be grown, but must be crafted. In Minecraft, players must place a golden apple on the grid of a crafting board and surround it with gold ingots to create a golden apple.

1) Golden Carrot

This food item is best for hardcore mode because it provides the second highest saturation level after suspicious stew. Golden carrots restore six hunger point and 14.4 saturation points.

This food item is considered the best because carrots can easily be grown in farms and golden nuggets cost very little. One gold ingot can yield nine golden nuggets, which is very economical.

Squid game coming to Minecraft

There are plenty of creative Minecraft servers out there. When it was first released, Netflix’s Squid Game took over the world. It has since spread to all media, including Minecraft. Many video games have recreated the shows’ games, including one Pocket Edition player who created the glass game.

There were two types glass panes on the show. One could support the weight two people and the other would shatter under one person’s weight. The new Minecraft version has pistons that can push the block out of the way of the player.

Minecraft Redditor makes a glass game with Squid Game

Users must guess correctly, or they will die. Although the pistons may be wired with redstone, only certain ones are. Each row has a glass pane with redstone on one side that activates when it is landed on the other.

To varying degrees of success, many other games have attempted to duplicate the bridge game in the Netflix hit series. Redstone is an excellent way to randomize the glass drop, but other titles don’t.

This post received over 20 000 upvotes as of the writing. There are many ways to improve an already great version of the game.

As the community is finally seeing good reenactments of the show, it’s clear that they love it. Netflix released Squid Game on September 20, 2021. However, there are confirmed seasons and it will remain popular for many years.

It’s not the first or the last time that any activity in the show will be featured on the sandbox. Many others have attempted to make one or all of these games.

This Redditor’s one is one of the most impressive, but with the help of the community, it will get even better.

Basalt deltas

Basalt Deltas is one the most dangerous biomes in Minecraft. It is located in the Nether realm. It contains hostile mobs and dangerous terrain. It is difficult to navigate through the biome and fight the mobs due to the lava holes and tricky terrain.

This biome is a volcanic biome mainly composed of blackstone and basalt blocks. They are arranged in an irregular fashion with lots of holes filled with volcanic lava. The biome is densely populated with ash particles and fog. The biome is home to two hostile mobs, one passive and extremely dangerous.

1) Magma Cube

The most dangerous hostile mob to spawn in this biome is the Magma cube. They are similar to the Slimes of overworld but pose a greater threat for the players. They jump and land on players. They can also inflict damage on anyone who touches them.

They are resistant to lava and can swim on the surface of it without burning. They can also jump higher than slime and cover much ground in a short time. The larger magma cube splits in four smaller ones once it has died.

2) Ghasts

Ghasts are one of the most terrifying and annoying hostile mobs in the game. They also spawn quite a few in this biome. These terrifying, ghost-like mobs are large and can attack players at any time.

They fire off fireballs and shriek, frightening any player. Basalt Deltas players are particularly at risk because they can get jumped on by hostile mobs and fall into lava pits.


The only mob that is not hostile towards players in the biome are the Striders. They are the only mob that lives on top of lava. They spawn naturally in many Nether biomes including the Basalt Deltas.

Striders are lava boats that can be ridden and saddled by players using a fishing rod with a warped fungus. Their color changes to a blueish-blue color when they’re on land and their walking speed slows. These mobs can be used to travel in the hellish realm if they are used correctly.

Minecraft server hosting

Hosting Minecraft servers must be capable of supporting many connections at once with outstanding reliability, speed, stability, and security to accommodate the over 140 million Minecraft players online every day. Many of the most popular Minecraft servers support online communities via forums and websites, so it should not be difficult to set them up.

These requirements can be met by a variety of web hosting providers. These web hosting providers made it onto our list of top web hosting services. Many of the requirements for excellent web hosting overlap with Minecraft web hosting.

This roundup compares the top Minecraft server hosting providers on several criteria. These include pricing, ease-of-use, configuration and support, as well as hardware. To help you make a decision and get your Minecraft server running, we’ve listed the top features.

Which are the best Minecraft server hosting options?

Hostinger is a popular choice for Minecraft hosting. It offers a wide range of hosting options and allows you to quickly set up Spigot, Forge and Tekkit servers. ScalaCube provides a free hosting option, which is great for beginners. Apex Hosting offers one-click installation mods and preconfigured mini games.

MCProHosting’s ONE Plan allows you to switch between different games whenever you like. Shockbyte offers a 100% uptime rate, flexible upgrade and downgrade options, and a remarkable 100% uptime rate.